Transformation, Program Leadership, Change and Culture

We draw on our experience in leading large scale transformation to shape organisations for the future. For our clients we have a strong record of leading large programs of work with a strong change methodology unique to the context of each organisation. Culture and the right people is not an accidental recipe to success. We tailor our strategies to lift individual and team performance, through applying best in class people-led strategies which means better results.

Staff Talent Management

Change is a constant and transformation no longer radical but the new norm to stay competitive, engage talent and delive results. 

We are proud to have led some difficult and complex transformations includign adopting new ways of working that promote organisational speed, collaboration and break down silos. We draw on our experience from small start-ups to global players and integrate these ideas and tools to solve a specific problem or be part of some extraordinary growth plans. 

Project: Workforce Transition(s) in the NFP

We have been engaged to provide a positive X:Perience to transition employees from the Victorian Government to a disability service provider. 

We provide executive coaching, strategic advice, program governance and change mangement strategies. We have designed cross-functional team workshops, introduced agile techniques into the project schedule to help short-term goals that allow for iteration and learning as greater feedback and improvements can evolve the outcome. We are proud to support one of the largest workforce transitions from Vic Government to the private sector; ensuring a smooth transition and a focus on the delivery of care to some of Victoria’s most vulnerable people.

Project: Organisation Design and Capability Uplift

X:Perience is working with a complex business, designing a strategic roadmap to transform its operating model across various business units. Our work has included the implementation of a new organisational design that delivers a leader-led business focus and simplification of business operations. We have supported the planning and organisational announcement process and currently working with the business through the formation of a newly appointed leadership team and ways of working. 

As part of this strategic piece of work, we are proud to also offer our programs that  support the impacted employees to see the opportunity that can arise from difficult decisions and has left a positive mindset and generated great feedback from our interactions. 

Currently we are implementing a program to support leaders developing a sustainable focus on leading the change and developing strategic and commercial acumen to future-proof the business for improved performance and future efficiencies.

Project: Making Change Stick- A program to embed change capabilities.

We had an amazing opportunity to work within a large manufacturing business to deliver the upskilling in change capabilities through a just-in-time toolkit for leaders.  By understanding the organisation’s values, ways of working and existing project management methodology, we led the development and implementation of a program of work to make change succeed through just-in-time tools, always in the leader’s hand when they needed it.

The toolkit was designed ensuring it was easily accessible and practical to suit a fast-paced, busy work environment.  The toolkit was mobile-enabled, with 24/7 bite-sized learning content. Our approach enabled leaders to access tools, thinking and support from others when they needed it most as part of the ‘just-in time’ objectives. After all, the change doesn’t stop, it just evolves into something different over time!

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